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Creative HeadSpace Methods

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the Chef

Creativity, passion, collaboration, stress-tolerant, acceptance, criticism, endurance, leadership

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the ER Doctor

Composure, collaboration, multitasking, decisive, problem solving, detail-oriented, leadership, structured, environment

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the HomeSteader

Resolve, resilience, resourcefulness, respect, responsibility.

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the Librarian

Love reading, highly organized, detail-oriented, trendy, good at research, committed, self-disciplined

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the Ecologist

Trained in Ecology, appreciates nature, values nature, humans cause damage, morally obligated to preservation.

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the WildCard

Value the Wildcard, fill in the gaps, introduce uncertainty, take another player’s card, change the rules

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the WoodWorker

Detail oriented, safety aware, dexterity, skilled with math, mechanical skills, technical skills, stamina, strength

Final Cards18.jpg

the Pilot

Training, Leadership, confidence, cool under pressure.

Final Cards22.jpg

the BackPacker

Resolve, resilience, resourcefulness, respect, responsibility.

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the Musician

Prepared for the job. skilled at communication, collaboration, following directions, organized, understanding people

Final Cards20.jpg

the Angel

Committed, proactive, brand aware, patient

Final Cards24.jpg

the Royal

Honesty, integrity, passion, grace

Final Cards28.jpg
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