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Creative HeadSpace Guide

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Imagination is often limited by our own experiences.

Allow for HeadSpace to imagine other possibilities. Seeing from new points of view can lead to breakthroughs and insights. Using attributes, mind maps, and imagination users seek to slow down their impulsive decision-making and reflect on alternative viewpoints.

Thinking differently doesn’t have to be hard. Creative HeadSpace Cards coax users towards seeing broader perspectives in the creative process.

Using the Cards

Shuffle the cards, and draw a single card. Read the attributes, then make a mental mind map of the selected character. Select a creative challenge. Imagine solutions. Write down the ideas, even the ones that may seem unrealistic. Make fast notes to quickly organize the creative solutions. Group notes that have similarities. Begin writing both positive and negative aspects for each note. Move on to the next step in the process or draw a new card and generate more ideas. Use sticky notes and add the new solutions to the groups.

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