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Using Clipping Paths with Adobe Illustrator 23 

First start/launch the Program Adobe Illustrator 2023, then open a new print preset-size document using file new or Command N. 


Next, use place (under the menu for file to add file) to the put document photograph onto the blank Illustrator page.




Now, we will use the text tool.


First we click and drag out a rectangle within the photo area. Select approximate 80% the placed flower photo 

Now with the text tool still selected, hey in the letters--GWU--in all CAPS

Use select all under the menu or command A  to select all the text.


Use command T to open the type tool or window or window > Type > character 

Set the txt to 300pt using the numeric keys.


Place the txt artistically within the flowers.


Use the select menu to elect everything in the workspace (both the text and flower).

Or use Command A to select both the photo and the txt


Under the Object menu find  Make Clipping Mask (it’s near the bottom). 

Or use command 7

The photo has now been clipped by the text.



Type, mask, layers, stroke, effects, presets


Paste in place, mask, load presets, drawing shapes, masking, selecting layer order. Converting type to outlines.

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